National Pastors

We’d love to share with you more about the work and support of national pastors.

What is a national pastor?
A national pastor is an evangelical, born-again Christian serving in his own native area. He doesn't have to learn the language since he already knows it. He knows the culture and has a hearing among his people. What has amazed us is that a national pastor can live on a hundred dollars or so a month versus the cost of thousands and thousands of dollars to send a western missionary to that same mission field.

A Free Book

If you have never read K. P. Yohannan's book "Revolution in World Missions", we would highly recommend it to you. Many churches have it available in their church library, and Gospel for Asia will even mail you a free copy when you request one on their web site. As you read the book pray that God will give you a soft heart and a willing mind - and see what He will do!

How much does it cost to support a national pastor?

There are two organizations that we have experience with that provide this ministry. Please see contact information at the bottom of this page.

Gospelink sponsorships are divided into five parts--–you can sponsor a pastor for as little as $15 a month, or, you can do all five parts for a total of $145. Each pastor needs:

  • 3 ministry sponsorships ($35 each)
  • 1 outreach sponsorship ($25)
  • 1 training sponsorship ($15)

If you call them (see contact information at the bottom), they’ll explain more about how it works.

GospelforAsia sponsorships are $30 each. Each of their pastors receive anywhere from 3 to 4 sponsorships. You cannot take on a pastor's full sponsorship, but you can do one sponsorship with a number of pastors.

May I write my national pastor?

It depends on the organization you choose to go with.

Gospelink allows you to correspond with your preacher. You may write to him once a quarter, and you’ll also receive a several-page report from your pastor each quarter. The report includes details such as how many people he won to the Lord, how many new areas he evangelized, how many churches he started that quarter, goals, prayer requests, and information about his personal life and family. Our family has been very excited over the letters we receive from our pastors. Each of the younger five children, have “their” own pastor. In this last quarter, two of them received specific letters in response to ones the children had written! What a thrill!

GospelforAsia is different. You will receive a report about once-a-year, but you aren't able to write the person.

Will I get a photo of my national pastor?

Yes! Gospelink gives you handy prayermarks with your pastor’s picture and name on it, and also several pictures of him and his family. We have ours on our refrigerator, plus most family members keep pictures in their Bibles as well.

Yes! GospelforAsia gives you a picture of your pastor.

What denomination is Gospelink and GospelforAsia?

Gospelink’s statement of faith:

GospelforAsia’s statement of faith:

Our family is mainly supporting pastors through Gospelink. Here is an excerpt from an actual letter of a Gospelink national pastor.

“Dear Maxwells…

Greetings to Pastor Maxwell in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are a family of six people, father, mother, and four children. The fifth child, the youngest one, died on 13 th April…”

Our family’s thoughts: Our national pastor had written a personal letter to our family following his ministry report. Our hearts ached as we imagined the suffering of this pastor. How easy do we have life here in the US?

“… Concerning the way I do minister, of course we do both, ministering in the church and reaching the lost outside. I do witness Jesus Christ to many people; some weeks I can win for Christ two lost, some weeks three or four, or some other weeks no one. About the sort of transportation I walk on foot. My health and family’s health we do have as a concern, it is always the malaria which strikes us most of the time because of the hard life we through in our country, please commit us always to the Lord in prayer.”

Our family’s thoughts: The whole family, and our grandparents who had joined us for family devotions that evening, were riveted, listening to the letter.

“It was really difficult for me to gather my family and read, discuss the Bible, for I used to come back from pastoring, very tired and without finding any thing to eat at home. But now we have started meeting together for Bible study; reading and discussing the Scripture. Faithfully yours…”

Our family’s thoughts: Our pastor’s family was so poor that he didn't even have enough to eat sometimes. They lost their youngest child this last year. Yet, throughout his report (several pages long), we detected no bitterness–only a love for His Savior and reaching out to his fellow people. Truly, we were humbled as we contemplated his situation. We felt so unworthy to be able to support this pastor and his family.

Interested in sponsoring?

You may contact Gospelink: (434) 485-7007. Ask specifically for Willie Hunter. You can choose which country you would like to sponsor from. We have found the D.R. Congo to be a very needy country. Here is their website:

You can also sponsor from GospelforAsia:

We pray you will be as blessed as we have been!


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